Orroli field site (Italy)

Orroli site (Italy)

The Orroli field site is located within the Flumendosa basin. The site has been monitored by the University of Cagliari since 2003. In September 2020 a new 10 m micrometeorological tower was installed. The site is covered by a patchy mixture of tree clumps with canopy cover of ~33% of the footprint area, and inter-clump area displaying herbaceous and grass species during the wet season, transitioning to dry soil surface during the principally rainless summer. The dominating wild olive in tree patches average ~4 m in height, with a scattered emergent individuals of Quercus suber and shorter shrubs; vines often climb the trees.  

The micrometeorological tower includes a Campbell Scientific CSAT-3 sonic anemometer and a Licor-7500 CO2/H2O infrared gas analyzer at 10 m above ground to measure velocity, temperature, and gas concentrations at 10 Hz for the estimation of latent heat, and sensible heat fluxes through standard eddy-correlation methods. Skin temperature of the tree canopy and grass/bare soil patches (using IRTS-P by Apogee Instrument), incoming and outgoing shortwave and longwave radiation to derive net radiation (using CNR-1 by Kipp&Zonen), and soil heat flux and temperature (using HFT3 REBS) at two locations close to the eddy-covariance tower, combined to generate the energy budget, were monitored and half-hourly means were recorded. Photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) is measured with a SQ-110-SS Quantum Sensor (Apogee instruments, Logan, UT, USA).

Installing sapflow sensors at Orroli site -Italy

To provide a robust estimation of evapotranspiration, 20 Granier’s thermo-dissipation probes are installed in three trunk and 3 are installed in the roots. Precipitation is measured using a PMB2 CAE rain gauge. Seven frequency domain reflectometer probes (FDR, Campbell Scientific Model CS-616) are inserted in the soil close to the tower (3.3-5.5 m away) to estimate moisture at half-hourly intervals. The site is monitored by UNICA since 2003, and the instrumentation was maintained and reinstalled in September 2020.