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The UNICA research team is looking for a new colleague!

We are looking for a Research Assistant to join our young and enthusiastic team.

Summary of the role: The successful applicants will be part of a project entitled: ” SWATCH : Strategies for increasing the WATer use efficiency of semi-arid Mediterranean watersheds and agrosilvopastoral systems under climate CHange ”. The overarching goal is to develop and apply innovative methodologies to increase the social-ecological water use efficiency of managed ecosystems along the Mediterranean biome and climate types also under climate change scenario.

The post will mainly include: 1) the ecohydrological monitoring of the evapotraspiration, CO2 flux and soil water balance at the experimental Sardinian sites, also using a micrometeorological eddy-covariance based tower and sap flux sensors; 2) the development and application of ecohydrologic model for the two experimental sites, 3) the development of land cover change strategies that optimize the water uses and increase system resilience also under future climate change scenarios. Experimental sites will be in the Flumendosa basin and Marganai forest, which is a Natura 2000 protected forest.

About you: The successful applicants will hold a PhD in Civil and Environmental engineering, Hydrology, Environmental sciences, Ecology (for applicants not holding the abovementioned academic qualification: Master’s Degree -7 level EQF – European Qualification Framework- in Civil and Environmental engineering, environmental sciences together with research and/or higher education grants and/or previous research contracts, for at least two even non continuative years). The applicants with suitable scientific and professional curriculum and a Master’s degree awarded for no more than two years in Civil and Environmental engineering, environmental sciences are admitted as well.

Workplace: Department of Environmental Civil Engineering and Architecture of the University of Cagliari (Italy), Via Marengo, 2 – 09123 Cagliari – ITALY.

The University of Cagliari, founded in 1620, is a public state University with about 25,000 students and over 1,900 teaching and technical administrative staff. Cagliari is one of the most fascinating cities in Sardinia, the main cultural center of Sardinia and the most populated with about 160,000 inhabitants. It is located in the middle of the Gulf of Angels, across the southern slope of Sardinia. Numerous open air archaeological sites and unspoilt natural environments allow for unusual routes, rich in charm and beauty and vary between art and nature. Every season, thanks to its particularly mild weather, Cagliari allows visitors the chance to discover its architecture, archaeology and monuments, its ancient history as well as an opportunity to discover the influences that the various people who have inhabited. With some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, spring and summer offers the chance to take advantage of all the beachesand offers the chance to discover a beautifull natural environment.

Status: Full-time contract

Reports to: Prof. Nicola Montaldo

Desired start: November 2022

Please send your applicationto to the following link (https://pica.cineca.it.) by 4 October 2022 included.

Further information

Please contact Sara Simona Cipolla, e-mail saras.cipolla@unica.it

Please, for the application refer to the following link where more information are also available. Download